How to Decorate A Bedroom With Eclectic Style

How to decorate a bedroom to look attractive and comfortable is simple if you have decided what theme and style you want to build for your bedroom. There are many styles and theme you can choose and decide to bring in your bedroom includes modern, contemporary, traditional, eclectic or even transitional. Each of the styles have special characteristic that make the styles look attractive and comfortable.

How To Decorate a Bedroom on a Budget
How To Decorate a Bedroom on a Budget

How to Decorate a Bedroom to be Eclectic

Eclectic decoration is the decoration style which is the rule to décor is based on your own rule. You can add different layers to the bedroom from any styles and period then match and combine it together. This combination can be from color, shape, texture and so on. Decorating bedroom with eclectic style is fun and you will enjoy it.

How To Decorate a Kids Bedroom
How To Decorate a Kids Bedroom

Tips Decorate a Bedroom with Eclectic Style for Fun

When decorating bedroom with eclectic style, you can choose various color palette but it will be better to use neutral color palette. You can also repeating the color in the other place so you will get symmetry visual in the bedroom. The choice of furniture, fabric and also finish could be vary but should match with paint.

Ideas How To Decorate a Bedroom
Ideas How To Decorate a Bedroom

Shabby Chic Bedroom for DIY Workers

Shabby chic bedroomis actually not really nice to see. A furniture with shabby look is quite old-fashioned. Moreover, it looks like that the furniture is not intended to be used at all. However, people who love DIY project actually can create a shabby chic which makes the furniture more appealing than ever. Well, this one cannot be generalized but it works for many people.

Some Furniture in Shabby Chic Bedroom

There are several pieces of furniture that can be decorated using shabby impression. The bed is absolutely one of them. Using sandpaper usually works to create pretty impression. Since it is DIY work, it is possible to create customized pattern or new grain for the bed. Therefore, not all places are created in shabby impression.

Important Note for Shabby Bedroom

Though sanding and creating shabby distress is quite fun thing to do, it is better to have a limit. The limit for creating this DIY project is as soon as the furniture looks too shabby. It is definitely quite abstract and unimaginable. However, there is one good indicator for nice shabby chic. The shabby impression should not appear if seen 9 feet away from the furniture. Once it can be achieved, it will be a cool way for creating new impression in bathroom.

Dining Room Lighting for Accentuating

Dining room lightingis quite important in making impressive look in this vicinity. To choose it is too change the face feeling of dining room. There are many possibly when talking about dining room. Some people really love romantic dining room while the others want to have very simple dining room. Both of them actually can be accentuated with lighting.

Dining Room LightingFor Romantic Situation

To achieve romantic look, it is best to find a nice-looking chandelier. The recommended one is finding chandelier contain few candle mounts. 8 of light source are basically enough, and they should not be too bright and big. Everything should look slim and clean. That is the point for achieving romantic look. Going modern is also great idea, and it can be done by replacing the candle mounting into pretty fixture. The fixture will determine how it looks, so it is best to find that suitable for overall room.

Simplified Dining Area Lighting

This lighting type is particularly used for those who live in modern residence. This kind of lighting relies so much on fixture. To achieve such look, the fixture will be as simple as plain round or box. It is somehow not appealing to say, but it is nice once applied.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas and Tips

Dining room decorating ideasmay not be a tedious job, but it is somehow frustrating. There are many things that should be considered to make the dining room appealing. One of the component for achieving that look is absolutely the lighting. Previously we have discussed some dining lighting, and they are great for creating new impression completing decoration. In addition to lighting, there should be main furniture as dining table and chairs.

Dining Room Decorating Ideasfor Main Furniture

Going first to dining table, it is important to consider its appearance before everything. It should accommodate the basic impression that you really intend to. It can be classic, modern, vintage, retro, or anything. It is important to be consistent as it will make everything blend together in one harmony. The size, material, price, and shape are later for concern as they practically a matter of space and budget stuffs.

Dining Room Decoration

To make a dining room complete, there are several things can be done. One of them is adding display case of unique utensils and silverware. It can be located nearby the dining table as they also serve as storage system. It is an efficient decoration as it works as two functions at the same time.

Dining Room Buffet to Purchase

Dining room buffet is a piece of furniture that can be used to serve buffet. Indeed, there are many people who serve buffet in standard table, yet this furniture is somehow more impressive to be utilized that way. First of all, the dining buffet is designed quite differently and uniquely compared to standard table. It is also sold exlusively in some occasion, and it makes the furniture awesome choice. Indeed, this table will be covered with tablecloth, yet it does not mean all surface is covered.

Dining Room BuffetModel

There are several models that can be found for creating nice impression when it is not covered by anything. To make this this furniture as great source of decoration, it should have appearance in accordance to basic theme of the room. Mostly it will be classic, and the buffet should be classic too. You can pick one buffet with distressed or shabby chic look.

Buffet Selection for Dining Room

In addition to model, concerning its size is also crucial. You need to find one that fits the room very well. It can be as long as your wall can handle, or it will be located in the center of your wall because it is not really long.

Small Dining Room Sets Ideas

Small dining room sets are an alternative to get a decorative dining room without a large space. By using a dining room sets in small size people may create their own dining room. Everyone needs a dining room in their home because dining room has various functions. People may use dining room as a gathering room and a true dining room. Here there are some ideas which can be adapted in people’s home.

ModernWarm Small Dining Room Sets

Modern Warm idea is an everlasting idea for dining room. By using this idea in their dining room people shouldn’t change the ideas every year. This idea is a combination between a modern idea and a traditional one. Modern warm ideas present a rural situation in modern touch. People will find another situation when they enter the dining room.

How Dining Room Look with Dining Room Sets

To create a dining room with a modern warm situation, please prepare the furniture. The main furniture is chair. Prepare two wooden chairs and one long stool with a sponge. Do not forget to cover the sponge with a modern pattern. Then paint the chair and table with white paint. A vase of pink lily can be put on the table to present a warm situation.