The Industrial Product Designer TordBoontje

Tordboontje is one of the most talented furniture designers in the world. Born in October 3-1968 on Netherlands, he is one of the famous designers in this time. He is one of the good product designers. In 1991 he was graduated from design academy Eindhoven. And in 1994 he was earn his master degree from the royal college of art in London. And in 2009 he was professor head of design product in the royal college of art. And of course he is one of the most talented people who really know about doing the great design. He has the good sense of art and of course he always brings the best things for all the people in the world.

Beautiful Design from TordBoontje

Of course there are many designers and of course all of them have their own talented. And of course tord are one of them. Tord always bring the beautiful design to all the people and of course his design has its own characteristic and of course has its own beauty that makes his design seems alive and also beautiful. Tord also has a 12 awards and of course it’s something that so amazing. He also win three awards from Elle decoration in 2003 in category designer of the year, best lighting design, and also reader’s choice for future classic. So, it makes him one of the best product designers in this modern era.

Tord the Industrial Product Designer

Tord always give the best for his design and of course it always makes the costumers always satisfied. Tord as the industrial product designer always bring the best and also good quality design. And because of that tord always get the awards and its makes him become one of the most talented designer in this modern era. So if you looking for the good furniture maybe the tord design can be one of the good choice for you.

Simple and Elegant Side Mount Twin Murphy bed

Twin Murphy bed can be one of the good beds that you can add to your kids bedroom in the house with adding this beds to your kids bedroom it will make your kids feel comfortable when get some rest after the daily activities outside the house. beds can be one of the most important things that you should have in the house, imagine if your house doesn’t have the beds of course it will make your house looks bad and also ugly which you do not want it to happen. Using this side mount Murphy twin bed can be one of the good choices of beds that you can choose for your kid’s bedroom in the house.

Small Size Twin Murphy bed

Adding the Murphy twin bed to your kid’s bedroom in the house can be one of the good things that you can do, especially if the bedroom have the small size. With adding this kind of beds of course it will really suitable for those of you who have the house with small size. This bed is also really suitable for you who have more than one kid. Using this bed also will really make your kids getting closer to each other’s. So if you want to make your kids in the house feel closer to each other’s maybe adding this kind of beds can be the good solution for you.

Simple and Elegant Side Mount Twin Beds 

Simple beds will really suitable for you who have the house with small size and of course with using this kind of beds it will make your kid’s bedroom in the house looks different and also be the good place to get some rest. So if you are one of the people who really want to make your kids feel happy and also comfortable when sleeping adding this beds maybe can be the good solution for you. With adding this side mount twin beds right to your bedroom it will make your kids bedroom looks simple and also elegant of course.

Playful-Look but Safe for Playroom Furniture

Playroom Furniture has always to be designed as safe as it could be because it is an important stuff which is located in one place or room of your house. And this room usually called as playroom. As we know, for parents with under four years old child, this room often become more crucial place than any other room, maybe the second after the kitchen, because playroom related to be the place where parents leave their children alone to play with themselves. The goal of why most of parents build this room is because they need more extra time to finish the office stuffs of them or another important stuff without get bothering by their child.

What It Takes to Choose the Safe Stuff for Playroom Furniture

Consider to its function, playroom is the place where your lovely children spend most of their time to play with their favorite knickknack, so do with their usual habit. That is why every parents, especially who have child under four years old as I said above, should prepare every single thing on their playroom with harmless and safe furniture. All you have to get when choosing the safe stuff is you have to make sure that you have already read the product review. You can do this one by searching the information from internet, or asking your friends who ever look after the save furniture to be added. At this step, you have to be a very curious person than before.

Be Creative to Choose the Furniture

So, as we already discussed before, there is no way to leave your children alone surrounded by risky furniture, right? But still you have to be creative in designed the playroom interior or choose the clique furniture. It is because with interesting chosen interior and cute furniture to be added, the playroom will be looked fresh and also eye catching. Which will make your children can stand play for hours in that place with no doubt.

An Antique and Suitable Wall Mounted Mailbox

Wall mounted mailbox which designed with very cute but still antique appearance may be the answer of your livelihood in look after for a new mailbox. I am absolutely so sure that this stuff will make your house looks eye catching than any other else in your neighborhood, dramatically. But before we start the explanation, let me ask you one question first—which suddenly appear in my mind. Have you ever heard about this kind of mailbox? Just do not nod your head and tell me a no answer so I will tell you completely about this one because I am in a good mood to tell you about everything. Are you ready to start?

The Advantages to Have a Wall Mounted Mailbox at Your House

As the name, it refers to new kinds of mailbox which mounts outside your fence, also stick outside your front door. I bet you would go after for this brand new mailbox directly after finish read this article. Why not if this kind of mailbox have so many advantages. If you have any pet which is extremely active to ruin your mail before because you do not have any place to collect the mail which is delivered to you, you may stop be worry after this day. Yes, because this mailbox which mounted on the wall would collect all your mail as it could. If you always get home surprisingly by how awful the new mail on the floor, there are no surprise anymore. Yes, because this mailbox which mounted on the wall would collect neatly for you.

Various Design of Mailbox

When finally you choose to buy this kind of mailbox, you may get confuse while make a decision which one to buy because it has so many various design. The first thing you may do is make an observation of your own home. After that, you could decide which mailbox’s design is appropriate for your style, but still looks more fabulous than any other has.