Decorated Toddler Table and Chairs

Some of the parents love to bright their toddler’s friends to home to let them playing under their control.  It’s true that it’s really important to let the kids playing outside, but sometimes there are conditions that force the kids to play inside such as the weather, the safety, and so on. And in this kind of case, they need to buy at least one set of toddler table and chairs. There are many stores that sell set of table and chairs for toddlers that well designed and decorated and have suitable size for them. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the designs from set of table and chairs for toddlers.

The first design of toddler table and chairs is tinkers animal. There’s a set of table and chairs for toddler from Big W called Tinkers Animal Table and Four Chairs. This is one of the popular designs that used in many sets of table and chairs for kids. We can even find this kind of design in the classrooms in kinder garden. There are one small table and four chairs that decorated with painted animal form in pastel green color, pastel blue color, and pastel peach color. Surely the kids will love it, right?

There’s another well designed toddler table and chairs called Tinkers ABC Table and Chairs. This set consists of one round shaped table and two small chairs. The main color for the table’s surface and chair’s surface is red. The back support of the chairs was decorated with ABC words and 123 words in colorful paint. For the table’s legs and chair’s legs, they painted them in pencil-like color in colorful concept with pink colored eraser-like designed at the bottom part of the legs. You can just tell from the design that those are pencil’s look.

Unique Design of Children’s Table and Chairs

Many designers have designed unique childrens table and chairs. This is the set of table and chairs that designed especially for kids. The main thing that changes that we can immediately notice is the size. For the kid’s edition, we will find the size much smaller than the original one. The second thing that changes that we can immediately notice is the design itself. The common design for the kid’s furniture is the cute design and the color that usually used is bright color. Well, this time, we’ll talk about some unique designs that have been found in some of the table and chairs set for children. The main design will be the unique design and we may found cute decorations as part of the design.

The first childrens table and chairs set in unique design is Oversized 2 Table by Tambino. 2 in this set is not refers to the number of the table, but it’s the design of the table. This table has ‘2’ number shape. That’s a unique design, right? This table was not only designed as the table but also as chair. Your children can sit on one part of the table and using the rest of the space for doing her activity such as drawing, eating, and so on. This kind of table is suitable for the children who hate to sit still on the chair while drawing on the table.

The second childrens table and chairs set is called Aston Red Kids Table and Chairs with Toy Storage. From a far, you may only see this set as one box-shaped table. But it’s actually not. There are two chairs that placed under the table and you can pull them out when you want to use the chair. And there are two storages under the table for keeping the kids toys, books, and other things.