Simple Kids Bunker Bed Bedding

When your kids are getting big enough to have their own bed, maybe having the bunker bed would be an option for you to let your kids learn to share the same room, and handy for you to decorate one room for both. But the problem comes when you deal with the bunker bed bedding. Not many people use to deal with the bunker bed, and yes! It definitely require different trick of bedding than normal bed you use to deal with.

The problem of bunker bed is that you normally place it in the corner, or as simple, put it against the wall to provide more free space for your kids to move. So then the problem comes out to bunker bed bedding to set the sheet and comforter. One of the ways you can choose to fit with the bunker bed is by sewing the basic sheet directly to the mattress or having it pinned so it won’t move too much while you let the side which is facing the free side three quarter longer to just slips under the bed. This sheet you can cover with the waterproof layer, just in case that your kids sick. Then cover it with the colorful or playful sheet in same theme with the pillow cover and quilt or comforter.

Other way is to remove the basic sheet and go all the way to the waterproof and the normal sheet and then quilt. It will be hassle for you in the beginning but you can also teach your kids to make up their own bed in simple way. If your kids are grown enough to climb the bunker bed, it will not be so difficult for them to learn how to make their own bed. Bunker bed bedding can be a practice for your kids too.


Pink Queen Bedding for Your Girly Personality

Choose the bedding style is like choosing the clothes for yourself, so normally you will go for something that you are most comfortable with and what define you as a person. For a girly personality, why not take it in a level of bringing your interest on your bed with pink queen bedding style? There are many styles and decorations that you can choose to decide the theme of your room with the bedding style; from the French to the contemporary or Brunswick. Here we will talk about the pink bedding ideas that you can try for your room.

Classic never loses its charm, that’s why “old is gold” came from. Many people are still enchanted by the magic of romantic classic pink with French touch in the bedding and room decoration. Pink queen bedding idea for this one is; have a bed skirt in the same scheme color with the basic sheet of the bed, ad some drapery to point out the romance and girly touch. Then add some square pillow and normal pillow, 2 for each, decorated in soft cover with 2 different styles. The normal pillows get the plain pink color while the rest 2 square pillows get the printed/painted pink covers. Take it into pearly pink or with small flowery. The ribbon would make it even cuter. After all of the sheet covers, take the duvet or comforter, any that you prefer. Make sure it reaches the feet of the bed, furry throw is highly recommended or linen with same style as the square pillows.

Not to forget the contemporary style, there are cute ideas of decoration you can try. Hello Kitty is one of the most commonly taken ideas for pink queen bedding. Nothing close to being childish, this style is pretty favorable for many adults too. The other one is with choosing the plain pink but playing with the gradation colors on bed, pillows, duvet, and duvet cover. Happy girly trying!

Why You Need Full Duvet Cover

As we know that the proper bedding takes not only the sheet, pillow cover, and blanket. Layers over layers mean to make sure the comfort and cleanliness of the bed, also to provide warmth that surely needs in some seasons. Recently we know about duvet and full duvet cover. Duvet is basically a bag filled with down or feathers or even wool to provide the warmth and comfort on the bed. Then duvet cover comes on the frame providing the coverage for the duvet to keep it clean. We will break down few reasons why you really need duvet cover.

First reason that it is important to have full duvet cover is for cleanliness. The duvet, as it is filled with down or wool will be more difficult to clean when it is chough with dust or dirt. While the duvet cover is easily washed even with washing machine. So you save time and energy by using the duvet cover. Once it is dirty then put it off, drop it to laundry, and done! You can keep you duvet off dust and dirt while also saving energy and time to wash big bag of wool by covering it fully.

Second reason that duvet cover is needed is the artistic reason for the mood and theme. Some people gets bored easily with the plain white color or the mood easily affected with the room. Your bed might be the place you have a rest in the end of the bad, so making it interesting maybe can help you coup with the mood and feeling. Full duvet cover, as it is thin, it is easier to be designed and decorated as you prefer. Some people loves the abstract painting while others like the 3D design of pictures, others maybe prefer the artistic with monochrome color like silhouette. You can always be creative with your duvet color and find it really affecting your room mood.

Camo Comforter For Strong Personality Bedding

The modern bedding apparently doesn’t only provide comfort but also style. This side even plays the bigger role in a process of choosing the bedding set for your bed. Some prefer the traditional bedding while others will prefer the contemporary bedding style with urban artistic decoration. Surprisingly camo comforter also becomes one of the most favorable ideas of design that many loves.

Camo comes from word camouflage which means hiding on disguising something. This idea put on the comforter or duvet cover for those who prefer to have this style. The camo comforter provides options from the army style designs, navy designs, and wooden or forest design. Not to mention the combination of some style as one. But the most commonly found is the army style and wooden or forest style. To found your comforter in the certain schematic design would be great if it is as what you prefer, if not then you need new comforter because comforter doesn’t work like duvet which has duvet cover that can easily be changed depends on your mood.

Additional perk of using the camo comforter is the surface doesn’t look dirty easily. With the printed design surface, it is clear that the dirty wouldn’t seem so much on your comforter. You can have longer use of it before you finally decide to wash it. Comforter has filling of down or feather so it will not be handy to wash it every weekend. Other perk, the camo comforter will suit the most with the wooden cottage or country house that you shall prefer rather than fitting it in the modern or Brunswick house. this is delicate manner to choose the suitable one to fit in, yet if you prefer have the army camo in modern house, that’s not a really bad idea, though.

Red Comforter Can Change Your Mood

Human is basically very visual being that easily affected by what we see as one of the biggest source of information that we get from our surrounding. Let’s agree that our work place, school, and home are the places that affect us most of the time. What do you feel when you see your bed? What certain color affect you? Do you feel motivated by red comforter? What do you feel when you see silk sheet? Yes! Those fabric and colors affect your mood. Now one of the strongest colors is red, so we will see how red affect your mood in a day.

Comforter is meant to give warmth to the bed and make sure you are well covered, as also decorating the bed. Put certain color will also affect your bed and mood. Many people believe that red comforter will bring dynamics and passion to the room, especially the typical modern room décor. The simple design of bed and comforter, combine with the strong accent of red point out the dynamics brought by the red color. While in classic traditional design, red can be inclined to the romanticism, sensuality, and luxury. That is also added by the using of certain fabric like silk.

Just like red, some other colors are not standing just to décor the room, some people even use the power of color scheme to rehabilitation and medication. Light blue, for example, chosen to create the atmosphere of calmness, stability, blissful, and relax. It helps to get better sleep after long day. While in the other hand, purple helps to build the feeling of mysterious and charming room. It fits well with using of silk or satins in the fabric. Other example why many people stick with the white is because it delivers the idea of sophisticated, trendy, modern, and simple. It promises the comfortable and good rest for anyone. Still again, some people need passion and great driven in their morning, so there you go the red comforter set on the bed.